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Kapil Sharma

Senior Design Engineer

As Senior Design Engineer, Kapil has responsibilities covering user interface design, user experience, front end and destination management software.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil strives to deliver data-driven solutions in his designs while keeping up with trends to move clients ahead and keep them relevant. Always looking out for what’s in and what’s out when it comes to design, Kapil is constantly reading books and articles on creativity and strategy to better himself and his team.

His experience has led him to work with clients such as TUI and Holidayme. Despite this design-focused background, Kapil has always written code and goes so far as to profess there is no divide between the concept and the tool (they are one and the same). Therefore, his designs always consider the code, and his code always considers the design.

Kapil represents design by always striving to not only do good work but do so with inclusivity, accessibility, and responsiveness in mind.