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This is a lesson we’ve absorbed at Sriggle. When we work with DMCs and tour operators who want to improve the efficiency of their operations, our platform Signature is designed to work with the businesses as they want to work.

The heroic image of innovation is of brilliant ideas being launched by startups, scaling from zero to the stratosphere in months. Little wonder that executives looking to inject some vim into the...

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Becoming the most competitive provider requires only the right platform, like Sriggle’s Signature, DMCs can seamlessly partner its inventory over an API.

A recent article by travel industry veteran, Rebound Consulting’s Steve Endacott, provided a strong argument that the burdens placed on travel agents are m...

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Travel SoftwareInterview


An Exclusive Interview with Rob Levy, COO at Sriggle

See what Rob Levy, Chief Operating Officer at Sriggle expresses on how Sriggle is coming up in 2021 in his exclusive interview with Vinita Sa...

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BlogTravel Software


Travel Software Platform

“Good design is invisible. Bad design is everywhere.” When Sriggle’s team is working on the user interface for our travel software platform, Signature, these words ring in ...

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StorySriggle Christmas Story


Once upon a time in a cold and foggy London, a shivering student, John T. Preneur, was struggling to pay his heating let alone the cash he needed to fund his study. Whilst showing some friends fr...

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When large changes in society or technology occur a fortunate few always seem to get on board early. It is human nature to find comfort in the idea that the changes were unforeseeable and those w...

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InterviewTravel and Tourism


Interview with CEO, Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya

On 5th Foundation Day, Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Chief Executive Officer of Sriggle sharing the inception story of Sriggle and its j...

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