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MICE has long been a travel business that walks and works to a different beat. Long time scales, vastly complex events, and iterative selling.

But customers are now expecting as sleek “production” for a MICE event as for any B2C package. Interactive and tailored event websites, pre and post event tours, all wrapped up in a thousand personal touches. These demands on MICE organizations are requiring a lot more than great sales and logistics capabilities.

MICE Challenges and Solution through Signature MICE

Time consuming error prone processes

  • Organizing MICE has traditionally been a largely manual process. As such, planning is time consuming and error prone.
  • Further, as different events are developed in different manual ways, for instance by different staff, it is often a challenge to reuse the same planning documents and processes across events
  • This all leads to inconsistency and potentially can undermine quality.

Signature MICE an Integrated workflow solution.

  • Signature MICE shares Information across processes. Avoiding error prone manual updates
  • Administrative and marketing documents, e.g. invoices, are customizable and will be consistent across your organization.
  • It is easy to re-use administrative and marketing material between events which enables you to quickly turn around any proposal and develop events with a consistent high quality approach.
MICE Software
MICE Industries

Moving from small to large events

  • The jump from small parties to events involving hundreds or thousands can overwhelm ad hoc processes.
  • As events grow in scope, ad-hoc processes demand an exponential increase effort to keep administration up to date.
  • Instead of developing the event with the client, valuable time is absorbed in tedious and unproductive administration.

Signature MICE a fully scalable solution

  • Whether you are organising a meeting for ten, or a congress for a thousand, in SignatureMICE, you’ll be working with the same processes.
  • Because SignatureMICE uses the latest cloud technology, you’ll be able to develop your event from wherever you are.
  • You’ll find using SignatureMICE a quantum leap forward in efficiency. You will consistently deliver quality events, no matter how large.

Creating a quality event website

  • More and more clients, even for not so large events, expect a website for registration and providing participants with up to date information.
  • However developing a separate website can be a costly and time consuming exercise.
  • Often outsourced websites won’t be integrated into administrative processes. So integrating incoming data will be yet another administrative load.

Signature MICE generates a customisable website.

  • Each event’s site can be designed by you with simple “drag and drop” functionality. No coding required.
  • Even better, all information captured on your event’s site e.g. registrations, will seamlessly flow through to the right backend administrative functions .
  • This avoids time consuming manual processing and ensures administrative details of events are right up to date.
  • Automation also improves quality by eliminating a step where errors could be introduced.
MICE Industries
MICE Industries

Signature MICE own events’ website

  • The best events include more than just the “main “ event.
  • However adding pre or post event tours can mean considerably increased administrative load.
  • If separate systems are required, error prone manual data transfers can add to the stress and risk of quality lapses.

Signature MICE has a tours module

  • Signature MICE is designed with the whole event in mind, including pre and post the main event.
  • Delegates’ information for pre or post tours is taken from their event registration, no duplication of work or risk of error.
  • Having the freedom to tailor tours around an event, with opt in on the website, means more impactful events can be crafted without adding to the administration.
  • With SignatureMICE you can create an event’s website yourself. Each event’s site can be designed by you with simple “drag and drop” functionality. No coding required.
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