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Destination Management are the ground handlers of tourism. Unrivalled eyes and ears where it matters. They have the most detailed understanding of their domain, what’s hot and what’s not and what’s going to be.

However, in an era where social media influencers drive demand and source market players seek to go direct, DMCs need agility like never before to stay relevant and prosper

DMC Challenges and Solution through Signature DMC

Increasing Margin Pressure

  • How do you know you are selling your services at the right price?

SignatureDMC market intelligence

  • SignatureDMC uses AI to search for similar services and provides visibility to current pricing.
  • Avoid tedious manual searches.
  • Set prices in line with the market in a consistent, efficient and effective way.
  • Don’t under, or over sell, your services again.
Destination Management Software
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More frequent requests for last minute tours

  • SignatureDMC uses AI to search for similar services and provides visibility to current pricing.
  • How do you avoid disappointing clients with last minute requests?

SignatureDMC direct connectivity

  • You will connect to a wide range of suppliers to ensure whenever requests arrive, you can access live availability.
  • It’ll never be too late to delight your clients.

Lack of standardisation

  • Across DMCs there is no common way to present quotes, this can confuse potential clients.

SignatureDMC document standardisation.

  • Using SignatureDMC will ensure quotes are presented in a consistent format.
  • Your clear and consistent presentation will make buyers more likely to choose your quotes
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Poor marketplace visibility of DMC services

  • No mechanism to showcase services to potential clients.

SignatureDMC partners marketplace.

  • Having your services on SignatureDMC ensures visibility to OTAs, Tour Operators and more.
  • You can partner directly without a middleman taking a cut.
  • Showcase your services to the widest possible audience directly.

Tour Operators increasingly have their own private deals direct with hotels.

  • If a DMC can’t manage their client's private hotel deals, DMCs risk losing their valuable relationships for other destination services.

SignatureDMC can handle your clients’ private hotel deals.

  • Further whether applying a DMC's own deals or a client's private deal the same workflows will be used, ensuring consistent reporting.
  • By continuing to manage ALL your Tour Operator clients' destination needs, DMCs can continue to act as THE central hubs adding value to their clients.
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