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B2B Travel Portal
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Sriggle’s B2B Travel Portal Development is efficient and reliable. You can definitely rely on us to further your travel business.

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B2B Travel Portal Development

As an internationally reputed Travel Technology Company, Sriggle offers a dynamic B2B Travel Portal Development. It is a platform that caters to the need of various B2B travel businesses. The comprehensive solution offers tremendous assistance to travel agents, sub-agents, tour operators, and travel companies. With the help of the B2B travel portal, one can book hotels, cars, flights, etc., with ease. In fact, creating customized tour packages is easy and hassle-free. 

The leading online travel software development company, Sriggle, provides a one-of-a-kind B2B Travel System. We aim to deliver excellent travel solutions to clients seeking assistance with tour planning, booking, and configuration. You can expect a high-quality traveling experience with our portal. With powerful distribution features, we provide services to the US, Europe, Australia, and UAE. 

Opt for our exceptional B2B Travel Portal Development and nurture your travel business to more success!

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How B2B Travel Portal Development is an Advantage To Your Business?

B2B Travel Portal Development from Sriggle offers a wide range of advantages to your company. The most prominent one is automated bookings and reservations. It saves you from spending considerable time on research and booking different activities. 

We offer excellent solutions to tour operators, travel agents, aggregators, and consolidators. The top-rated web-based interface aids in the smooth functioning of the system. You can gain access to different services, leading to an increase in client retention. 

Another crucial advantage of B2B Travel Portal Development is the cost-efficient approach. The ability to modify or change different aspects of the travel prices in real-time leads to maximized revenue and reduction in maintenance and operational costs.

You can also acquire access to real-time data on flight availability, hotel booking, airport transfers, and more! It also offers critical customer insights, access to various reputed GDS systems, etc. 

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Which is the Best B2B Travel Portal Development Company?

Sriggle offers the best B2B Travel Portal System to travel agents, tour operators, and organizations. It is the leading platform for trip operators wanting to handle booking and reservations seamlessly. With our top-notch B2B Travel Portal, you can expect improvement in the different business procedures. 

It offers control to your business and ensures logins, deactivation or activation of clients or providers, modification imprint, etc. With this highly reliable online booking platform, you can sell a wide range of travel products effectively. Now, you can curate an exceptional travel portfolio for future business endeavors. 

In order to develop the leading web portal for online travel booking, we opt for the latest technologies. Our team of skilled professionals researches the market and incorporates the latest/must-needed features. To help you garner more success, we integrate multiple third-party APIs or GDSs in the portal. 

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Who Offers Travel Portal Solutions for Travel Business?

As a well-reputed Travel Portal Solution provider, we offer a wide array of solutions to different travel businesses. Our comprehensive travel portal benefits B2B clients across the globe. You can explore our B2B travel portal software solution now!

With the development of a highly efficient B2B online booking engine, we aim to deliver reliable and high-functioning solutions. That is why travel agencies and tour agents depend on us for increasing revenues and decreasing overall costs. Partnering with us will help you grow your business!

Our excellent B2B travel portal aids travel agents in booking flights, transfers, accommodations, etc., with ease. In fact, you can even create customized tour packages effortlessly. For this, we have incorporated various features within the portal. For instance, the notification system and the automated accounting system are impressive. Apart from that, detailed sales reports and inventory management are included in the system. 

B2B Portal for Travel Agents

The B2B Booking Engine from Sriggle offers excellent assistance to travel agents, tour operators, and other organizations. We help our clients get more success by providing an easy-to-use travel portal for the sub-agents. With this travel portal, streamlining different business processes is simple. You can fulfill the needs of your customers and attain positive reviews. 

Our top-rated travel portal is available round-the-clock to generate maximum revenues for travel agents as well as sub-agents. That way, you can contribute to the growth and stability of your travel business. We offer a wide range of features that aid in improving the traveling experience even more!

We boast of offering assistance to different travel business organizations. Our aim is to deliver effective help in converting their business online with a wide array of B2B travel portal solutions

Escalate Your Travel Business with Sriggle

Sriggle is a well-known B2B Travel Agency in the market. Our efficient travel portal is integrated with a vast network of airline ticket suppliers, prominent airlines, travel suppliers, and vendors prevalent in the tourism industry. We aim to improve different business processes with our top-of-the-line B2B travel solutions. 

In order to deliver the best experience to our clients, we use the latest travel technologies. Creativity infused with the most advanced leads to the development of this highly reliable travel portal. It is user-friendly and specifically designed to offer comprehensive solutions to your travel business.

With the aid of our Online B2B Travel Web Portal, we help the business grow and expand. You can get more visibility and boost the overall revenue of the company. 

Check out the excellent B2B travel portal from Sriggle right away!

Sriggle Offers B2B Travel Web Portal Development

Sriggle boasts of being the top-rated B2B reservation system provider in the industry. With the assistance of a team of skilled experts, we deliver the infusion of the latest tech and creative strategies. Our excellent B2B travel portal is web-based and offers a wide range of features. It is especially useful to travel operators, tour agents, tourism companies, travel agencies, and tour management service, providers. It is the perfect B2B solution for the travel industry. 

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Key Features of Sriggle B2B Travel Portal Development

Sriggle’s B2B Travel Portal Development is efficient and reliable. You can definitely rely on us to further your travel business. For that, we have integrated a wide array of features. Take a look at them listed here –

  • High-grade security
  • Multiple selling channels
  • Profile management
  • Managing front and back office duties
  • Reservation history
  • Multi-cash bolster
  • High flexibility
  • Admin control panel
  • 24-hour booking support for sub-agents
  • Live booking
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Mark-up management
  • Support for yield models

There are some other features too. For instance, you get alternatives for deactivating or activating clients and providers. You also get access to integrated CRM and server support. There is a dashboard present for sub-agent admin and admin customers, along with agent profile creation and packaging system. 

With these exciting features & real-time system status, we assure you of a wide array of solutions for your business. Partner with us to make yourself a prominent name in the industry!

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Key Business Benefits of B2B Travel Portal Development

B2B Travel Portal Development can offer a wide array of advantages to your business. You need to know more before making a decision. Here are the benefits mentioned. Take a look –

  • Reduction in costs

B2B travel portal development offers multiple benefits. One of the most crucial ones is a decrease in organizational costs. You can cut down different expenses, leading to significant savings for the company. That money can then be used to invest in other business aspects, leading to more profits. 

  • Data security

Another critical advantage you can gain from a B2B travel portal is the added data security. It is vital to ensure that the data of your customers are protected at all times. With the web being the favorite spot for hackers with malicious intent, the portal offers much-needed security. 

  • Saves time

Now you don't have to waste hours creating reports or checking out manual spreadsheets. Access to digitized solutions saves time. It allows you to indulge in other business operations. Besides, you can reduce the manpower needed as the portal streamlines several processes. 

  • Ease of usage

The GUI of the B2B travel portal is user-friendly. That means anyone can use it with ease. You don't have to attain technical expertise or worry about a complex learning curve. The easy-to-use features make the portal even more popular. 

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Advantages of B2B Travel Portal Development

The advantages one can gain from a reliable and effective travel portal are plenty. For instance, you can provide attractive B2B discounts to travel agents and tour operators. Apart from that, you can also offer automated booking and subsequent confirmation of the reservations. That helps them in wooing their customers seamlessly. 

Another crucial benefit is the decrease in inventory costs. The access to an extensive network of GDS and different third-party APIs makes it possible to offer a wide range of options to travel agents. That will definitely delight their customers, resulting in an increase in the overall profits of the business. 

Do you want to know more about the advantages associated with B2B Travel Portal Development? Well, the benefits are mentioned below. Check them out –

Build a reputation

With the help of the best B2B Travel Portal, you can establish yourself as a prominent name in the market. Flawless execution of requests from customers and smooth travel planning and booking aids you in earning positive reviews and customer satisfaction. 


Multiple agents of a travel business use the same B2B Travel Portal. As such, there needs to be transparency between them. The portal ensures that the financial transactions of all agents are displayed in the network. That way, there is no scope for confusion. 

Global Exposure

Automation of various tasks and a wide range of excellent solutions help your travel agency gain international reach. 

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Our Software Solution Reshapes the way you deliver travel services to clients

Check out the excellent B2B travel portal from Sriggle right away!

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